Software Download

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Easy Invoice Software for writing quotations and invoices.
Bewerbungsmanagement Application writing software. Creation of application folders in PDF format.
VAT Validator Program to validate sales tax identification numbers for their validity. The comparison takes place via the Federal Central Tax Office.
Blocktext Supporter MsOffice Word and Outlook plug-in to create, manage and use block texts. The use of graphics is possible. Software Download
Druckerverwaltung Printer Admin Printer management to manage your toner inventories and devices. Software Download
IMAP Mail Copy Copy parts or whole e-mail accounts to new accounts. Software Download



All software packages run on Windows operating systems. macOS and Linux are not supported. The client operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 are supported.

Windows Server operating systems also work if at least the Net Framework 4 is installed. You can download the framework from Microsoft free of charge.