Software Development

Individual solutions

The development of individual software solutions relieves employees in their routine activities. The time freed up as a result can be put into further developing your own company, gaining new customers and thus increasing sales. In the short and medium term, it is worth investing in software that streamlines constantly recurring processes through to full automation.


I have been programming since 1987 and have learned about countless programming languages ​​and systems since then. In the last 20 years I have worked for many medium-sized companies and have developed both their systems and completely independent software solutions.


Meanwhile, my specialization is in database-supported Windows .NET applications (C #); In particular, interfaces between different systems form a large part of my work. In this way I create the connection between the most varied of systems in order to process and exchange data as automatically as possible. Furthermore, (web) development in the PHP area is my second area to enable communication between Windows applications and the web world.

Some examples

  • EDI connections for various EDIFACT formats such as ORDERS, ORDRSP, DESADV, INVOICE such as Amazon Vendor, formerly Neckermann, Netto, myToys and other large companies
  • Interfaces between ERP systems such as SAP, Munixo, Kadis and large online shops with over 100,000 orders per year
  • Munixo ERP server extensions
  • Financial accounting interfaces (CSV & BAPI) between SAP and other systems
  • Salesforce connections to ERP systems for bidirectional data exchange
  • Individual CRM system
  • Individual production data acquisition Exhibition software
  • Qlikview BI evaluations


In principle, the year is always very well planned. If you are interested, we look forward to meaningful inquiries and can then discuss specifics personally. Please contact us for the first time by e-mail (info {at)